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Monday, March 28, 2011

Come On Spring!

It seems that spring is slow in coming. On my way back from Donna's yesterday I noticed the sign at a local church "Whoever is praying for snow, pray for spring!". My feelings exactly. The songbirds are so slow in coming back, but I have to admit one was waiting for Honey and I as we went for our walk on Saturday morning. And then yesterday I heard an amazing song out in the Abercrombie area. Maybe today - but it still so cold.

Jim's Aunt Peggy is gone. I don't really know what to say about this. Peggy was a really lovely person, and a beautiful woman. I've known her for many, many years now and she and his other aunts readily accepted me into their family. Peggy succumbed to Alzheimer's Disease (similar to my Mom) a few years back, which robbed her and her family of her remaining years. But, her family is strong. Her husband Elmer will sure miss her as will her children, grand children and great grand children. Peggy was a teacher in her career days, and from what I have been told, she was a grand and caring teacher, just the type we need. We are going to her funeral today. I will be singing Wind Beneath My Wings, which I believe is a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman, and a life truly well lived.

My friend Julie lost her Mother late last week as well. Julie is mother to three wonderful daughters who have now lost their grandmother. The ebb and flow. I remember well Julie calling me the day after I lost my Mother and even though we were on the phone, I felt she was a shoulder for me to cry on . . . I hope that I am a shoulder to cry on too.

This is my week leading to another two treatments. I awoke yesterday with energy. Last night was not a great one - pain kept me awake for a while, but eventually I was back to sleep. I continue to have that pain, but music will take it away. Jim is back to Halifax and I am back to a single dog-parent! We have some folks who might be interested in providing Honey-respite care. Jim and I will also be looking at his future schedule and whether he can find an accommodation in Halifax which would allow him to take Honey with him every second week. I've grown so darned fond of her.

Anyway, the sun is shining. The fight continues. As a good friend told me, "Roll up your sleeves". If it means being in a foul mood for a while, I have good reason. Sometimes I could just scream.

Peace today,

Emma Lee

So much kindness continues to be shown to me. I thank you all. I am praying especially for a friend who is waiting for treatment results. I know that waiting is the hardest part. My heart is wide open. Music, comedy, reading, praying . . .

1 comment:

  1. Good morning! Froze this morning on my walk! Brr!
    Jim's Aunt Peggy was a great person, from what I've heard. Her SIL Thelma was a dear friend of my mom's....and her sister, I believe Jim's mom? was also a dear friend of my mom's back in the day...they worked together at Zellers in the 1950's....small world! But, then again it's Pictou County....there are always connections.
    On that note....I wish you a pain free day!
    Take care....always sending positive thoughts your way!!