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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shades of Blue

I was very surprised when we stepped out this morning. I was waiting for biting cold. Not the case. In fact, not that cold and no wind made for a lovely environment. A quick look out the window in advance had me gripper-less as well. See, Jim has been on Honey duty since last Friday's treatment, covering until he left for the city yesterday. So yesterday, we only had two "quick" outs - nothing of substance for a little dog with very short legs. She was not impressed. I'm hoping I can make-up for that today. (I'm getting a bit concerned: Jim told me a neighbour commented to him that Honey looked like she hadn't missed too many meals - hmm. Food for thought - not for her - but for me.)

This morning was another very quiet one in NG. There was a lady walking south on Temperance, on the east side, and we could hear her shoes squeak well before we could even see her. It just feels like the world is getting ready to break forth. We were able to enjoy the new morning sky turn from black to the most incredible shades of blue. Makes you stop to enjoy.

Through another shade of blue, I will be sending positive prayers specifically to Japan today, for a variety of reasons. It will be a big day for the country and its people and its nuclear program. I remember when the children were very young, I took part in a "walk" from Pictou Council Chambers to Westville Council Chambers - touching all Town Halls in between. We were asking all Councils to adopt nuclear-free zones. I recall that Pictou did adopt it; but for the life of me I don't remember what the rest did. I wore new sneakers. Good choice. For you that know our geography, that's a hike (several klms) across the causeway, through Abercrombie, into Trenton, down Trenton Road to Provost Street. Anyway, by the time I reached New Glasgow Chambers, my feet had had it. I had to call Jim to come and fetch me. He did, with our children in tow. He may even have been driving the Lord Selkirk we affectionately called her. More on that later. I have always had a great fear of nuclear energy. I can't tell you how I feel when I enter hospital rooms with posted warnings. My family will tell you that I never really got The Simpsons, but I must admit I became numb to it and in fact laughed along once in a while.

Peace to you all. We are reminded daily, it is not really in our hands, but we can certainly help out where help is needed.

Emma Lee

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  1. It was a beautiful day here as well. The "beginning of the change" from season to season always makes me "homesick" for Pictou County....yes, I know, I am not far away, but still......
    Hope Honey gets lots of walks in.....
    Take care
    Enjoy the sunshine!! It's good for the soul, isn't it!!