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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

Well, it has been a full few days. Janice arrived at my place on Tuesday night with a casserole, biscuits and almond cherry cake, all still warm from her oven! Can you imagine? I ate like a queen - the food was absolutely wonderful.

Then I headed over to Trinity for Carillon practice. I have a mental block on one of the tunes that we will be working on with Stephen Hatfield next Wednesday in Antigonish and I had some extra time with Karen to work before rehearsal. Karen gave me a Music Festival program and pass! Yay!! Festival starts on the 12th and I have lots of time to leisurely choose which classes I will attend. All of the classes are minutes away from my front door. It should be really enjoyable. Lots of wonderful young talent to enjoy.

Yesterday was a lovely day, although the wind had a bit of a sting to it early in the day. Anyway, Honey and I had a wonderful early morning walk. I then went to the library and renewed my library card. The library has had some major renovations done and it is quite lovely. We are lucky here in New Glasgow. I am looking for materials on Julian of Norwich. May 1st contemporary service at Trinity is calling! Anyway, they didn't have anything in, and are sending for something from the Pugwash Branch, believe it or not. From there I rambled up Provost Street, stopping in at Trudy's on my way by. She is going to be getting some hats in and I am in desperate need of spring/summer hats. We had a great chat and my odyssey continued. (Yes, odyssey - I was alone, walking, mind pretty-well empty of thoughts, enjoying the journey!) I ended up at Robbie's Salon where I met Denise Pitts. Denise has been growing her hair to donate for a cancer wig. She asked that I take part in her hair cut!

Man, Denise's hair was thick. And I got to cut the ponytail! It took me several attempts to get through all of her hair. Steve Goodwin was there to chronicle the whole event on digital film. Robbie gave Denise a sweet haircut and it was mission accomplished. I am amazed at the profundity of such an act. You may think there's not much to this, but I see it from another angle. My body (and mind) has gone through significant changes as this battle continues. When I see someone making radical changes to their looks, for the cause, it deeply affects me. I thank Denise for doing this and pray that her hair is part of a wig that provides comfort, a sense of well-being and hope to someone in the future.

Steve and I then headed over to Trinity and had a discussion that will be posted on Church Alive on April 17th (East Coast FM), around my former role in contemporary worship at Trinity as well as the many music teams I am proud to be a part of.

Finally, back home to the little gal who was very happy to see me. Off we went and the day melted into a beautiful evening. By the time I left choir practice last night the night was calm, warmish and the stars were twinkling bright as I rounded the corner to home.

Janice is driving me out for blood work this morning. Karen and I are going hat pattern shopping this afternoon. And then rest before tomorrow's treatments.

I have friends that are heading out on a road trip and my spirit is with them, praying for adventure of the safe kind!

Peace to you all. I pray for your good health and happiness!

Emma Lee

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