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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jim, Water, Acetaminophen and Popsicles

Friday went well. I arrived at the Aberdeen around 8:45 a.m. Nurses - check. Port - check. Lunch - check. Comfort level - check. We were back home around 1:30 or so. Pjs were donned and a meal was planned. By early Friday evening, a wave of tired overcame me. Fever hit close to midnight and lasted until mid-afternoon yesterday. Brutal. Fever is one of the side effects of aredia and we understand that it only occurs on the first treatment. I will let you know if that is correct. It was a most unenjoyable time, but was aided by Jim, water, acetaminophen and Popsicles!

Yesterday, the sun was shining. I had to miss church. In the afternoon, I stepped outside to enjoy the smell of a barbecue, then back in to try and defeat the muscular and skeletal pain that was taking over. Brutal.

I am so much better today. The pain is much more tolerable.

When will we hear that first spring song bird?

Time change hasn't affected Honey too much! In fact, I think she prepared herself for it. She so loves having both Jim and I here to entertain her. Who wouldn't?

Lee is coming home this weekend for a visit. Can't wait to see him!

Peace to you all today,

Emma Lee


  1. Nice to see a post today.
    Hopefully spring will be here soon (I say this as I look outside at snow flurries!)....
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better after Friday's treatment.
    Take care....

  2. Hi Emma. So glad to hear your pain is diminishing. Hopefully it will continue to do so! Is there anything special you'd like to eat that I can make for you? Just let me know - any day, any time. XOXO