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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Busy Days

It has been an exciting few days. The house was full of great vibes as Mary was home and we had her musician friend Robyn Dell'Unto with us as well. The two did a green room show at Glasgow Square on March 1st. Mary had the chance to be home, and to get together with friends. But, as a friend did say to me, it was very draining on both of us for her to leave. Very draining indeed. It must have been draining on Honey too, cause she misbehaved to the point where I had to come downstairs and sleep on the couch with her to settle her. Yesterday was a bit of a fog therefore. I had to excuse myself from choir last night, put the pjs on, and hit the hay. Honey was tired too. We both had a great sleep, but I awoke with puffy eyes. They will heal. The girls were in Hampden (sp?) New Brunswick last night for a show. I hope they had a good one. CBC early morning show featured Mary yesterday and Robyn today. Visit Robyn's website and Mary's website for a sampling of the talent. They make a good match - the show at Glasgow Square was awesome and funny and touching. Today they are back in Halifax to do a presentation at 1, Mainstreet at 4 and then Wolfville for a show tonight. Then back to Halifax for a few days - shows at the Company House.

Added to all of the above was the word "stable", and my friends that came to support the show the other night. Angels here in our midst.

Today will be busy. New Glasgow is having a reception to feature the area's newest performing arts centre - the Celtic Corner. A couple of performances, etc. Plus meeting with Lloyd and Gwen, and Harry - at different times! And then there's walks with Honey! Sounds like a TV show.

So, pacing oneself is important today. Peace to you all. Stay warm in this awful weather.

Emma Lee

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