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Monday, February 28, 2011

Meeting with Oncologist Today

I had an early morning meeting with Dr. AJ Kumar today. Thought I was seeing Dr. Eunice, but saw Dr. Kumar instead. He told me "You're doing well". Should I repeat that? "You're Doing Well". My CT scan showed stability. Nothing new. Chemo is working. The gals in the Clinic will call me when to start Aredia -probably on the 11th when I have my next Abraxane. The Aredia is not a chemo, rather a bone strengthener. An MRI will be ordered of my brain, because of the headaches that continue. Dr. Kumar was reluctant, because he doesn't want me to have to go through unnecessary appointments, etc. I want it. He reinforced that if the chemo is working in one location, it is highly unlikely that anything is going on elsewhere; however, the brain is a different animal (from my research). I want to know if anything's going on. So, I'm getting one. I'll have my next CT in June and with luck, take the summer off chemotherapy. Summer hair do!

It was great to go early, not have to wait, and have some good news. So have a great Monday! I plan on have a little celebration with my family.

Peace today, Emma Lee


  1. Doing a "happy dance" here for you! Sounds like great news!!!
    Enjoy your family!!
    Take care

  2. YES to doing WELL!!! Gratitude for good news...and on a Monday! Thinking of you. Sending prayers for continued healing. From across the miles-
    LOVE from me to you, Emma.