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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extraordinary Gestures

Back in 07 when I was in Halifax at The Lodge That Gives I shared a room with a gal from Yarmouth. She was receiving radiation too, but hadn't received chemo and therefore had a grand head of hair. She often referred to it as her crowning glory. My crowning glory was/is a very nicely shaped head, bald and prone to hot flashes, so therefore, revealed for all to see. It is true that you don't always know what you've got til its gone because that's the way it was/is with my hair. I didn't really think about it that much until my room mate reminded me how a grand head of hair can complete you.

I attended Florence's funeral this afternoon, to sing with the choir. Funny as it seems, these events are helping me deal with my new "ordinary, everyday" life. I enjoyed some fellowship and wonderful UCW tea, sandwiches and sweets, then headed home. Snow is falling in earnest by my walk home, so when I didn't see any foot prints to and from my mail box I almost didn't check. But, decided what the heck. What greeted me filled my heart to overflowing.

A letter postmarked UltraHair Solutions Halifax. I thought - what's up with that? So, after Honey was settled, I gathered my glasses, went to my easy chair, turned on my reading light and opened the envelope: inside is a lovely two-tone pink/salmon card, with the word "thanks" written in gold along the top. Hmm. I opened the card and two enclosures spilled out to reveal this message, neatly handwritten in lovely script:

Dear Emma, I am writing a note of thank you for all the things you have been doing for your community. I have heard about you through a friend of yours Jordan MacKay. Jordan sent me his ponytail in honour of you. I took a look at your blog and it is amazing! Keep the spirit and faith going. Jordan's ponytail will be sent to one of my factories that make wigs for less fortunate kids that need hair while going through chemo. Anytime you are in the city drop by! Cheers, Devera Giles. (Her business card - UltraHair Solutions & Esthetics - 1770 Market Street, Suite M100, Halifax, NS B3J 3N9, and Devera is the owner of this business. Also a brochure on "A child's voice foundation - where kids come first" Angel Hair for Kids. www.achildsvoicefoundation.ca)

Jordan MacKay is a young adult man who has/had the most beautiful head of long hair. He has dramatically altered his look to make this contribution on my behalf.

I cannot write further. I'm crying and thanking God for my friends and for this wonderful generosity. Think of the child that will benefit from this gesture.

You know today I was thinking how ordinary things have become extraordinary for me. I am so thankful for that gift. I am praying for the child that will eventually benefit from Jordan's wig. I pray that child is blessed with understanding - understanding of generosity which makes this world a better place in which to live.


Emma Lee

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