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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dental Emergency, Then Chemotherapy

Well, yesterday was indeed a most glorious winter day. I hit the hospital early for my recheck with Dr. Cole, and blood work in anticipation of treatment, and then Honey and I had our mid-morning walk. Lots of children about for some reason yesterday morning - perhaps the Grade 6 class walking to the Junior High for orientation? Whatever it was, Honey was amused. The sun came out about 11:30 or so and wow - it warmed the air so that our afternoon walk was glorious. When we finished up and came back home, Honey climbed the snow banks to see if her friend from next door was out. We had a great game of catch the snow ball, which Honey loves, and we ended up quietly sitting together in the sun in the snow watching the world go by. It was magical. I finally had to say "house" when my bottom started to get cold. I am going to hold onto that moment all day today.

Thank God for fabulous dentists. My first bite into supper last night crunched when it shouldn't have and I had an uneasy night waiting for 8 a.m. Lynda Munro is my super dentist. This is her day off - she came in to fix me up. I am half thinking it had something to do with surgery last week, but will let that go. In any event, she fixed me up and I am sitting here typing waiting for my one and only cup of dark roast to brew. Then off to the hospital. First time for the new port. I'm serious, if there's a problem, I'm telling them to find a vein and get those drugs into me. I have no intention of feeling like a pin cushion!

Women Alike are going on a sleighride tonight. If the current weather holds it will be glorious. Because right now, outside, is probably the greatest fresh air I have ever had the privilege of deep breathing and filling my body.

I was supposed to rehearse with Shaun and Karen this morning, but of course, had to send along my regrets. We are doing something very special in church on Sunday. We are presenting "It's A Wonderful Church". It's a drama based around "It's A Wonderful Life". Shaun and I will be rocking out an anthem, with any luck. Mary WC and I had the privilege of working together on this one and I know it will be fantastic. The service carries a powerful message.

So, off to deep breathe, soak up vit D, and then Hospital.

Peace to you all today,

Emma Lee

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