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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mary's Coming Home Soon

Mary will be home next weekend. Yay!! Can't wait to see her. She's coming down because she's doing some shows with Robyn Dell'Unto - specifically Glasgow Square Green Room on Tuesday, March 1st. Then the two gals will be heading back to Ontario, via the road, stopping along the way to perform!

I am so hopeful we can fill the green room which has a capacity of 35 - 40.
Tickets are available at the box office - 752-4800.

This sounds crazy but Church was really awesome yesterday. We didn't have a great crowd cause, guess what, it was snowing and had been snowing for a while. Anyway, It's A Wonderful Life is now in the public domain and we were able to re-jig it to It's A Wonderful Church. We had a great team in place including the music team - The New Hope Seekers, with Murray Smith on bass and Alex Lank on drums. Jim WC outdid himself as Clarence, Angel Second Class and George Bailey was really happy when Clarence finally did get his wings at the end of the day. My Jim kept threatening to throw in his wonderful Jimmy Stewart impersonation, but I would have just lost it. Anyway, I think the drama was a wonderful way to reflect on how much the church really does in our local and worldwide community. (As an aside, and way too big a question - where exactly are we headed?)

Unfortunately, I over did it and neuropathy came on full force after church. The worst it has been for a while. I got a chill that would not go away and ended up in significant pain. We finally got it under control late afternoon and a sleeping tablet made sure I had a restful night.

As Jim is home with the car this a.m., I am going to get as much business done as I can, including picking up the Telebrix for Thursday's CT scan.

Can't wait to see Mary. I pray you have a great day and that you are excited about seeing someone too!

Peace to you all.

Emma Lee

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