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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Off to CT Scan, Etc.

I had a very restful night, despite the chorus of backup trucks. Surely New Glasgow's winter snow removal budget was completely used up over night. I wonder if somemone chooses the backup pitches. There is certainly a wide variety. How much thought goes into that I wonder. I was also wondering when the sound is engaged - is it directly upon putting the truck into backup mode or is it when the truck actually starts to backup. It would be so cool to have a variety of trucks, with their various pitches, and write a short piece of music (1 min) - to be conducted and performed in a very large parking lot, complete with stadium lighting. The conductor could be on a snowmobile. The parking lot would have to have a layer of snow on it to produce the proper tones. The piece could be called the "The Awakening". It would be written around the various pitches of the vehicles, and include dynamics like crescendos, if at all possible. Would that be possible? Hmm.

Thanks for allowing the vent yesterday and for the kind words it elicited. You guys are too awesome.

Off to CT scan.

Tickets for Mary's March 1st show at GlasgowSquare Green Room are now on sale - available at the GS box office - 752-4800. Getting anxious to see her!

Peace today,

Emma Lee

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