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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Treatment Yesterday

Well, the day yesterday started off well, and that spirit continued. My port was a breeze. A very adept nurse, Amanda, hooked me up, and I felt NOTHING! NADA! NOTHING! That is an absolute first. Then as the drugs began, there was a sort of flutter at the port site that corresponded with the drip of the drugs and the sound of the dispensing machine. I hope none of you ever have to sit next to one of those machines, because they can become hypnotic, but, in any event, another couple of rhythms to add to my arsenal of rhythms. My musical friends will either be happy or sad with that news. Home to predictable side effects and a very early evening.

BTW, the clinic was busy today, but incredible as it may seem, no one was down. In fact, telling funny stories to the group and group laughter was pretty much the tone of the day. The clinic is simply two hospital rooms, with the middle wall taken out. There are three "chairs" on either side facing each other, with the nurses station along the wall and a chemo washroom in the corner. One big window faces the hospital hall. There are many other "rooms" where folks can go to have complete privacy. Many of us have to be watched while the drugs are being administered - blood pressure, pulse, injection site - some need to have their drugs administered by hand within a certain time frame, etc. It's quite amazing. And you can have all 6 chairs going and people in private rooms - with 2 or 3 nurses. If you want privacy, it is certainly available. But if you want company, it is there, and many of these folks are not down at all - but sharing happy tales of things in their lives. It can be quite uplifting. I think back to days when I would be complaining about something trivial. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a child there.

Today we are having a rehearsal at the church between 10 and 12 for tomorrow's service.

I want to thank you all for your continuing support. I'm giving it all I can!

Another BTW - I awoke to Puff letting me know the crows are in the neighbourhood. Opened a window to hear their lovely caw in the pre-pre-dawn morning. I must get out to investigate.

Mary is having some troubles. Send your prayers her way too! You know she will be at Glasgow Square Green Room on the 1st of March. I am praying for a full house (35 - 40!). If you can support the show, it would mean a lot to us. Tickets available at the Glasgow Square box office - 752-4800.

Peace today!

Emma Lee

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