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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Change of the Seasons!

Day before next treatment. I'm freezing! I am pulling the blankets up, with a green tea and honey, and Honey. I'm also hoping this tummy ache goes away. I was hoping to take in yoga this morning, but I can't possibly. It may be a stay home day.

I'll touch base after treatment tomorrow. I've got some thoughts percolating respecting bedside manners and hope (or perhaps I should say lack thereof)! I am too easily influenced I guess.

Anyway, my comforter is calling and my tea is ready. Peace to one and all this day!

Emma Lee

P.S. The tree are going well. But, I still have 1/3rd left. I want them to go to good homes and grow. Just get in touch with me by email if you are interested (emmalee@eastlink.ca - 752-1650). Mary is moving to TO at month's end and will not be at the Halifax address to receive any orders. Today finds her in Whitehorse at a music festival.

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