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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Working!

I know the treatment is working. Started yesterday afternoon and is progressing nicely. I'm not complaining! Do your thing.

What a beautiful day yesterday was. The weather was exquisite and today appears to be following suit. By mid-afternoon yesterday, however, hot water bottle, magic bag, comforter and Honey were my closest friends on the couch. Oh, and Jim, walking the dog and making sure I was comfie.

Lynn and Linda held the first of their idea last night - "Friends For Friends", in my honour. I am so touched and thankful. I hope to be able to host such an event in the future for a Friend. Apparently left overs are on their way for me! Can't wait. Veggie lasagna, etc. Yumm.

Chemo was uneventful, other than my blood work had not been processed until 10:30 and therefore the drugs weren't ready, so an hour's wait, but the time flew by. Meg and I had a great chat. Then the drugs arrived! The port was hooked up and away we went. I even had the courage to watch the Abraxane make its way to my port. You must think I am a whimp, but I find it a little scary - scary and hopeful at the same time. My heart is telling me to relax, while my mind is saying run away, run away.

Alice went over the blood work which measures the tumour markers (CA125 I know that's wrong - I'll verify it soon). Very interesting. When I get my next results back, I'll fill you in on the details. But good results so far. The first test, however, came back very high. Not to be dismayed Miss Emma. I am wondering why any patient that has had cancer does not regularly get these tests, just as a monitoring device. The tests are not processed at the Aberdeen, rather the QEII Cancer Clinic and apparently the cost is high; however, if an elevated reading came back at a regular check-up, would not that be good to know? No one has ever discussed this test with me before. I am finding that odd as well.

The sun is coming through my window. I couldn't make Church this morning. I may be out for the count today; I'm taking it easy - it's Emma Lee Day! Couch, bathroom, Honey. That's all I need today. Oh yes, and friends. Lovely, dearest friends.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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