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Monday, September 13, 2010

Today's Visit with Dr. AJ Kumar, My Oncologist

Well folks, results from my last CT Scan are in: no new tumours; several have shrunk!; the others remain stable - which means they are not growing. Alright everybody - get up on the floor, and get ready to DANCE! Sing. Jump around. Jump around. Jump around.

I even broached the "what happens after Abraxane" conversation. Dr. AJ feels that I will need a break from chemo for a while. What? There will be an aromatase inhibitor that will be prescribed for "a period of time" and then back on Abraxane if that appears feasible. If not that, then there will be something else.

I have a feeling the Conference in Indianapolis is going to be very helpful as well, as far as other drugs available for me. I also have Dr. Kropp in my corner and the other naturopathic options, including diet. So, we are dancing, we are singing, and we are playing bass!

Peace to you all!