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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Update - Pay It Forward

My heart is brimming over with thanks for all that I have been given. My mission is to pay it all forward.

August 31st - 2010
I sit here and allow my eyes to be dazzled by the sunlight drifting through the sitting room windows. It's reminding me of diamonds, or the way the sun reflects on the beach water. There are no sounds, other than the summer breeze rearranging the leaves of the cedars and poplars outside, a few busy chickadees and one as yet unnamed bird. It is mid morning and it is quiet. It is warm. A great relief sweeps over me. Honey loves this place as much as I do. Our morning walk takes us along a beautiful and quiet beach. This is turning out to be the hottest week of the summer. I can't believe that I'm here to swim and enjoy.

Today - Home to receive the trees. Come on trees!!

Peace to you all. If the opportunity to pay it forward comes to you today, take advantage of it!!

Emma Lee

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