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Friday, September 17, 2010

On My Way To The Chemo Department

On my way for the fourth treatment. Megan, my dear friend, is giving me a drive and sitting wih me today. I thank her for that. Meredith, another dear friend, was here at 6:30 a.m. to collect my blood specimen. My blood work has to be taken on the day of. Two specimens are taken - one for blood count, and the other is a tumour marker, which measures the cancer's actvity in my blood. I will be asking for the latter results today. I haven't been given those before. I will also be asking for a complete copy of my file, at their convenience, which I will review for accuracy. If I need to consult another doctor, or am lucky enough to become part of a trial, I will need it. It is my file.

My hope is raised this morning. I'm imaging The Hope Team in next year's dragon boat race. All of us paddling together, with hope and positivity, that I will slay this beast. If you ain't got that hope, you're out of the boat. I need people around me to buoy me, not sink me.

Tonight at the Whitetail Pub in Westville, our good friend Alan Gerber will be performing. I am praying that I can get out to see Alan. He has stayed with us when he has passed through New Glasgow before. He rocked the Jubilee the first time he was here. The last time he played here he was in the wrong venue, but we still had a blast. Alan is one great musician - he's a master of guitar, fiddle and keyboard, and his voice - his voice. He is amazing! He's got the blues that's for sure. The Whitetail will be rocking, and he can do that, all by himself. I am praying I can hang out for one set tonight. His version of People Get Ready has to be heard! Alan was the keyboard player for the rock group Rhinoceros.

I also hope to get to see a wonderful person who is undergoing some medical complications right now. She is one of the kindest people I know - selfless really. What a supporter of me she is. She is in the Aberdeen and I hope to get to bring her cheer today. I'm also delivering a tree there today!

Alright. Here we go. I'll touch base soon.

Peace to you. Forgiveness, forgiveness, fogiveness.

Emma Lee

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