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Monday, September 13, 2010

You've Got to Give It When Your "Em-ergy" is Good!

Monday morning. Today is going to be an exciting day. I'm back from a most wonderful, overflowing with gratitude two weeks at the Little Cottage in the Woods at the Merb. Honey loved it as much as I did. I love Melmerby Beach. I even went down there yesterday aftenoon with Honey, just to walk on those shores. Wow. The waves were much more vibrant than during Earl and Honey was completely exhausted by the time we arrived back home. A good dog is a tired dog. I've decided that shoreline is going to be a regular destination for us.

Church was also wonderful yesterday. The New Hope Seekers were born - Shaun, me, Karen and Alex Lank, our drummer. Our gift of music was an arrangement of Paul Simon's masterpiece Bridge Over Troubled Water. Standing ovation - that's a first. We had a time of fellowship following with some awesome fresh local corn. Life-giving.

Today I am picking up the trees and getting 150 ready to go to Halifax for the event tonight hosted by Mary at the Wooden Monkey. Then I am seeing the oncologist at 10:45 (ha!) at the Aberdeen Hospital. I should be getting my most recent CT scan results, which I will report later on. I will be home from 1- 4 so that folks who pre-ordered trees locally can drop by and pick-up and at 4:30 I'm off to try the New Horizon Band, where I will dust off a bass guitar that's been sitting in the corner and give that my best shot. I can anticipate some laughter and fun folks. David Pos is the leader of the group and man, he must have patience. I am a complete novice, no experience, but why not I ask myself? So, off I will go, bass in hand!Honey will have to be content to be back in New Glasgow and our trit trots around the blocks.

Tomorrow morning, there is a yoga class around the corner that I am going to take in.

Okay - I know - I'm keeping busy, but my "Em-ergy" is up as it is the week leading to chemo (Friday) and you've got to give it when you're feeling "Em-ergy". So that's what I'm doing.

I also believe you have to surround yourself with positivity and hope. I was given the most amazing candle holder last week, with four little votive holders that spell out the word "hope". I have it lit while I am here, while I am working around the house. It's beautiful. Surround yourself with beauty and fill your heart with hope, love and gratitude for all that you have been given.

My dearest friends. Have a great, great day.

Emma Lee

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