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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mary Is Moving To Toronto! Seedling Order Form to be Updated!

Mary is moving to Toronto, at least until year's end so that she can complete a mentoring program with a music business company there. Pretty exciting for her. Pretty sad for Mom.

Before she left, she delivered to me the balance of the seedlings. On Monday I peat-potted many of them. I think there are around 75 seedlings left out of the order. Not bad. Unfortunately, although I would like to live to see a forest of hope grow, I simply do not have the room for that many trees in my little part of the world. Mary will get around to updating the order form, but until she does - 170 Temperance Street, New Glasgow, NS B2H 3B1 is the order destination. The seedlings will be fine now that they are potted.

I met with Dr. Kropp yesterday. We have a plan. I want to live.

Following this round of chemo, we will be starting an intense battle with natural supplements. First to detoxify my body from chemo, and then to battle the cancer that remains. Dr. Kropp is coming up with a dollar figure for the drugs that she will be recommending for me - just for me: things like shark liver oil; enzymes; Q10, Astragalus, among many other things. . . no sugar; no alcohol; exercise 5 times a week (or so); balancing my pH; she has already provided me with a meal plan to try to increase my metabolism and balance my nutrients. She will be connecting me with my inner child. I'm excited about this. I have made many changes since diagnosis on May 17th; however, I will now have someone walking this journey with me. Knowing she is there, supporting me, will make an incredible difference to me emotionally. And if I can, I also plan on continuing the life energy balancing sessions with Kathy Roy at Spirit Garden, listening to and taking counsel from my heart.

I'm having lunch with a friend today: Aileen. We have been singing together for many, many years. And laughing. And crying. Depending on the weather, we may get to go for a great walk too. And I'm looking forward to choir tonight. Any time I get to lose myself in music is therapeutic.

Peace to you all. I pray you manage your personal stressors. Find balance. Don't worry.

Emma Lee

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