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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Big Day For The Stewarts

Mary Louise Stewart is 25 today - actually at 11:02 a.m. She was born at the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital in Pictou, just before they closed their maternity ward. It was a sweet room, with a couple of windows and an awesome birthing bed. When I went in the leaves had not yet sprung; when I came home a couple of days later, the world was in green! Happy Birthday darling girl who is chasing her dreams. She's lived a quarter century. Dream big Little Miss Lou! Listen to your heart.

Last year at this time, her birthday was "ruined" with news of my recurrence. As a family and with my friends, we've made it a year into this journey.

And today, Janice called to tell me that "Emma's Excursion" will happen on June 12th at 2:00 p.m. at Trinity United Church. Trinity is hosting a fundraiser for me to take a trip! I am humbled beyond words as my heart overflows. If I can, I want to go back to England. My trip last year focused on Town Criers and Paul McCartney. I need to see Norwich Church and Edinburgh and Liverpool and Coronation Street! That is me just spewing! I will be happy to get away anywhere with Jim!

The MRI was uneventful It is a very strange musical machine; all those magnets pounding out their different tones and rhythms. Crazy man! At first I tried to think of other things, but had to give in, listen to the tones, hear some harmonies and simply relax. The 45 minutes flew by with the help of great operators. That Aberdeen Hospital!

Anyway, relaxing before tonight's concert. Everything is planned down to the last second. Will report!

Peace today. Happy Birthday is being sung for Mary!!!!!

Emma Lee

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emma.

    Glad the MRI is over with and was uneventful!

    "Emma's Excursion of Hope" plans are coming along nicely, and EVERYONE who hears about it is so happy that we are able to give back to you, who has done so much for others for so many years!

    Enjoy your long weekend with Jim, and if you feel like going out for coffee or a drive or shopping or anything next week, give me a call!