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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Had To Share This

Well, this weather. I have found the last few mornings I am brightening my living area with candles, which include the Hope candle from Shaun, along with one from Mary and one in a lantern given to me by the congregation last December. It is simply so dreary outside I need this extra light and it does seem to hold something extra. This morning, I set the stage for my meditation time, with Honey trotting beside me. Everything was set and today I decided to use the Doreen Virtue CD loaned to me by Kate. I hit play and headed to my comfie couch and quilt. Honey headed along with me. I rested. Honey jumped up to rest with me as the words "Breathe in and out very deeply as you begin to open up to the healing energy of your Divine light". Honey just couldn't get settled. She jumped down, trotted into her kennel, retrieved her favorite blanket, dragged it over to me, jumped up, blanket carried and pulled up by her mouth, cuddled, snuggled and settled. Together we watched as the candles flickered, listened as we were both reminded how very much we are safe and we are loved, breathed deeply, and gave thanks.

Peace today,

Emma Lee

P.S. Honey slept in until 6:45 a.m. this morning and somehow I don't mind the smell of wet dog. M

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