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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Walk With My Darling

It was a grey one, and a slow one, but me and my darling had a little walk this morning, an early one. It's recycling and garbage collection day in our neck of the woods and despite everything (like no visible sunrise) the folks are out and about early and getting the world cleaned-up, house by house. I think I slept a bit last night - at least I missed Idol and Dancing with the Stars (or whatever); I know that Puff was pretty active, coming to check on me quite a bit. She likes to snuggle. She'll be moving next week. I did wake up for some of Jimmy Fallon, but quickly turned the world to black and asked the angels to come and comfort me. They did. I was told that all I have to do is ask - an elderly, wise lady told me that. Whenever you need their help, you just ask and they are there. I've put that into practice. Tomorrow I'll walk my darling again, cause I'll be leaving for conference and she will be in the boon docks of Pictou County by the time I get back on Sunday. Having fun I think. Loads of room to run, other dogs to terrify and get used to. Now when I tell her that Liz is coming, she's up and alert and runs to look out the back door. So, the magic is working. (She kind of acts the same way with Lloyd, but that's another story!)

I'm feeling terrible to be frank. I'm quite wobbly and will be taking life at a snail's pace over the next few days, being in the moment and sitting as much as necessary. Singing to my heart's content with any luck. I've found now that the tamoxifen is out of my system, it has let something in my voice come back to life and I am thankful for that. A song that I wrote will be used for the conference theme - Lloyd has been incredibly helpful in getting it transcribed to a readable musical format for the choir and the words will be displayed on the power point. It's called: From Now On, representing the past, present and future of our Church. Honey and I wrote it during our wintry walks these past months. God still knows the way, so how can we go wrong? Anyway, I will be tired, but a good tired, and then ready for treatments to begin next week. I wonder how long it will take before I begin to feel a bit better? So, when you ask me how I am, please excuse me if I tell the truth - terrible, but fighting it with every ounce of hope I have!

Lee has loaned me a laptop and I am hoping I can get it working if there is free wireless. If not, I shall post tomorrow and then not again until next week. I thank you all for your continuing support. It means the world to me.

I shall be opening the Relay for Life on Friday, the 3rd of June. That is something I shall be doing. The foot soldiers on the streets raising funds right now for Cancer-related initiatives are my heroes and I want them to know that. And Mary is putting the final touches on The Reason For Hope CD project, with net proceeds to go to metastatic breast cancer research. I am in discussions with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network to have them put our net proceeds - $100 or $1000 or whatever we can raise, to the best possible usage. It's going to be an amazing CD. We're waiting on funding to finalize. I am hoping to have a release here in New Glasgow, in Halifax and in Toronto. Who knows? A lot of young bands (who need to hear this message) and then stalwarts like me and Doris!

Anyway, that's enough for now. I had a great letter from Aunt Shirley yesterday: a beautiful handwritten letter, full of love and stories of her family. Let us all write a beautiful handwritten letter today to someone.

Peace to you all.

Emma Lee

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