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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Tantramar Winds

Winds - not breezes! I would almost say in the early, early morning, the winds of God. At least that is how I felt. So many questions swirling.

We made the trip in record time yesterday, following a bunch of friendly and happy goodbyes with Honey. I did take some shots and will post next week. I miss her but this is all for the very best for all of us. I'm trying not to think about it really.

The sun came out as we crossed the New Brunswick border! The sun, blue skies, heat and black flies. Wow.

So, I was (I'm going to use this word) trepidatious about my song being sung, since Lloyd and I have only ever rehearsed it together - I had no idea how a group would react. (Can I tell you that the worship team are absolutely lovely people who love the song?) Our first worship was incredible. Last night, when we started to pick-up voices for our choir, we started to sing From Now On and I think it's going to grow wings. Although I had my back to the congregation, choir members are telling me the congregation is singing!! The congregation is singing!! Thrilling beyond words. So, thank you God. And, bonus God, the choir sounds sweet, just like I always imagined.

We had a beautiful hymn sing in the chapel this morning: an amazing little structure with the most inspiring stained glass. Holy. A place to draw in. The quiet is calling and answering at the same time. I arrived there after I had a little ceremonial walk, thinking about Jim and Honey in New Glasgow having their little farewell together.

Now, rest is calling. I don't know what is happening in my body but things are afoot. But, I could be sitting at home right now, worrying or anticipating or whatever, and instead, I am here, in the midst of the spirit, with the winds of the Tantramar Marshes and the sweet sounds of the choir and the birds and the congregation. And caring friends. I will continue to put my feet up and look forward to all of the opportunities I will have to sing with the choir and the congregation. Life is grand in those moments - no worries, no fears, no problemos!

Peace today,

Emma Lee

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  1. May the winds of the Tantramar and the winds of the Spirit blow over you and flow through you always!