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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Yellow Finches Have Returned!

We were late on our walk this morning. Perhaps I slept in, I don't really know. I am so tired I don't know whether I slept or not. A great tiredness has descended. I have few commitments today and hopefully Jim will arrive this evening. Four days alone seems to be beyond my maximum.

I am going to visit friends this afternoon. Brenda and Denise. They have been busy, busy, busy, knitting lovely hats which could be used by both hairless and hairfull people. Can't wait to see them. We are going to decide where best the hats should be used; but from the pics I've seen, they could be used by everybody.

As Honey and I trotted closer to Albert and MacLean this morning, you couldn't escape hearing a lot of birds, merrily chirping their "we own the world in the morning" song. So, just like Honey, I am nosey, and I went in search. It wasn't long before we saw a stand of young trees covered in yellow decorations, swooping and flitting from branch to branch. Quite lovely and amazing. The sound track to that song and dance was a most beautiful wind chime with a very deep pitch. I tried to hold that note in my mind until we were home and I could find it on the piano. It matches quite well to a low A. It has a lovely resonance - not tinny, not thin, but deep and rich. So with the birds' song, what a lovely treat early morning.

You might think I am crazy enjoying such things; I probably am, but not as crazy as the fellow I met on the way home having a great, loud, conversation with himself. He would even stop and turn around - so it really was a question and answer, out loud, to the world, with himself. How lucky for me I was holding the wind chime in my mind. He could have been a mime. He could not interrupt that note and I was not tempted to let it go.

Yesterday, I passed a home and on the front step there were blue bags filled with a young person's clothing. My imagination was quickly off on that story but I had to stop it, as I headed to the radio station. I think I had a good experience there. It was hard for me to get grounded however as I was standing on very thick shag carpet, and I wasn't level - the carpet was bunching up under my feet - my feet couldn't feel the floor. I need to have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I need that connection to the earth. So, I did my best, talking with an old childhood friend Don MacKenzie, and I told the truth and shared my story in word and song. The station raised $12,000.00 yesterday for their team. The community responded once again. Let's Make Cancer History!

I'm off to Maritime Conference with Lloyd and Gwen and Kirby and a whole bunch of other people at the end of the month. I am so excited to get away for a few days; without cats and a dog under feet (but I will miss them), and with the opportunity to be in a spiritual place for a few days in a row. My goal is to get this tiredness under control. Must be the Aredia.

Okay. Enough. There is a lovely breeze today; not carrying that extreme dampness and I thank the wind for that. The house will not be cleaned today. I am headed for rest.

Have a great day everyone. Please find something that inspires you. Contemplate upon it and enjoy your life and your loved ones. Cherish it all.


Emma Lee


  1. Emma, listening to the birds at an early hour is like a mind cleansing experience... you let go of all the thoughts meandering around in the brain and just ENJOY... I love it when you talk about the lovely songs the birds sing each morning, I close my eyes and picture I am there.
    thank you

  2. I too love to hear the birds...I have a bird feeder and some trees just outside my bedroom window and love the sound of them early in the am (not all my family feels the same). Haha...I wonder if that guy was having a good conversation with himself!
    Take care....your post was very uplifting to me today....I'm tired of this weather and other things and sometimes take those "other things" for granted too much. So thank you.
    Enjoy your weekend!