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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Crows!

Yesterday morning, a murder (or 5000 murders) of crows had moved into a neighbourhood closer to our downtown. It was eerie to stand outside and listen to their calls. Yesterday afternoon those thousands of crows decided to move uptown - specifically into our back yard. They came for hours. All of the trees in our "back 40" I like to call it - lol - were black with crows. Jim had a show in Westville and when he left, the air was rank with crows. I was hoping to watch Saturday Night Live with Jim, so I stayed downstairs with Honey, awaiting the end of his show and his return. I kept my eye on the back yard, as did two old cats I found sitting under the shelter of our back stoop. The birds just kept coming. There was a wall of crows. There was a wall of wings and a wall of sound. Honey had a distressing evening. She was on high alert. Growling, running to the back door, running back into the living room. I really had to work to settle her down - heating pad nestled in her favorite blanket - finally she settled for a bit. Then Jim arrived home and took her out to see the spectacle. She barked. The noise was absolutely deafening. The crows alighted en mass. What a sight! Jim ran Honey around the block and I stood under the cat's stoop. What a sight! What a smell. The wing sound itself was incredible. The crows were moving the air around me. I have never smelled crow before.

Morning walk saw me leave the house by the front door. There are still crows in our backyard, the Spears' yard, the Morgan's yard, in the trees at Laurie Peace Park, which is a 3 minute walk away, Judge Macdonald's trees, in the trees at the Sutherland's old place, in the trees at First Presbyterian Church - including their roof. There are crows still coming. Through the snow fog you can see them flying from across the River. And there is a line of crows flying away from us to the north east. There are crows everywhere.

Our car is covered with crow poo. Our back yard is covered with crow poo.

Today will be another interesting and adventurous day. A call to Natural Resources perhaps?

Off to ready for Church.

Peace, Emma Lee


  1. One word...."GROSS".
    Hopefully the crows have left the area!!
    Take care

  2. They were here (West Side) for several weeks. It is both incredible and eerie to see. I wondered where they had gone and why.
    Keep us posted as to how long they stay in your area.