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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twas In The Bleak Mid-Winter That Porridge Tastes So Good.

Is it mid-winter yet? It's cold. Too cold for dogs even. Honey and I have been challenged to get into nature over the past few days. This morning was warmer though and so we went a bit further afield, but then headed home. Using the front door as the driveway could be a luge course. So front door it is. Honey likes the front hall because she is rarely allowed there. She and Puff even came face to face. It is only a matter of time before Puff realizes she is bigger than Honey!

This past Sunday in Church was a wonderful experience. I couldn't be happier with how it all went, we had so much fun. What a blessing to praise God through music.

This morning I am going to give to myself. I was so busy yesterday I was exhausted by the time the evening came. I was able to meet up with Donna again and work on our project together: 4 pieces of music, very different styles, but all requiring detailed discipline. It is my intention to perform some of these within the next few months. My December was so awful I wasn't able to work at all with Donna, so I am pleased to get back at these again. And I met with Lloyd in the afternoon and gave him my contribution of a song that I penned. The thing is, I haven't written a "song" per se for sometime, despite the lyrics I have been writing to the Concone vocal exercises I do with Donna, so it was really fun! I'm so thankful Lloyd asked me to try that. Yesterday I also connected with a fellow from VoicePrint in Halifax who is looking for volunteers to read news stories for the millions of folks in Canada who are visually challenged. I've got the application and am going to look into it. You know, I did volunteer at the local station, not two blocks away, but they don't need me. As a child I used to play with a tape recorder, making up and recording stories (most ghost stories with sound effects, but other stories as well), and I had a blast! That activity passed many an hour. So, if I pass the audition . . .

I was reminded this morning of getting up early with my Dad. For some reason, he has been on my mind lately. In many winter months, he and I would rise before the rest of the family and make the porridge. I loved those times. Getting up in the cold house, enjoying it warm-up, sharing delicious porridge with whole milk and brown sugar. Dad would turn the radio on (that same station!) and we would sing along to the songs that we knew. It was probably this time of year. Maybe that's the connection that's pulling me. Honey doesn't like the Red River porridge that I now make and enjoy with skim milk and stevia.

Anyway, lunch with the Mac gang today. Then rest. Then choir tonight. Music to soothe my soul. I'll be receiving my 10th abraxane on Friday, if bloodwork is fine. Which it will be. I know it.

Peace to you all today. Be careful on the roads and sidewalks. Apparently there is another storm system coming - snow.

Emma Lee

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  1. Good evening!
    I remember getting up early and my dad making porridge....cream of wheat actually...with milk and brown sugar...once in a while corn syrup. My oldest daughter had the luxury of porridge with grampie as well....and to this day, it's one of her favs.
    Just popping in to say Hello....