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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Days Before 9th Treatment

This morning's walk was slow. It is cold. The thought did cross my mind - why are we living here? It's cold! It's really cold. And it's icy. Then I looked up. The sky was gorgeous this morning - the stars are so vibrant in the cold - I knew I would later see that forget-me-not sky that I love, and that the sun would be shining once it rose. Chimnies along the route had white whiffs gently floating up as the wind was being kind to me and my face. This is an older part of town, and many of the houses are old - I love the varied roof outlines. Just as I was starting to enjoy it, I noted that Honey had stopped. She was standing in one of our neighbour's snow banks - with one front paw and one back paw raised, visibly shaking, ears back, pathetic looking. We had a good visit, Mom issuing words of comfort and lots of warm cuddles. Her paws do not like salt. The snow eased her pain and off again we went, this time with the word "home" being issued. She knows the way.

I'm gearing up for my next treatment on Friday. This will make 9 abraxane. I had thought that I would be seeing the oncologist next Monday; however, I have not heard from the Hospital to arrange a time. I will check on Friday. I had a very good day yesterday. Today, I am exhausted and aching all over. I fell on Monday afternoon, on my own front steps. Two cars hurried by. I am certain I had witnesses to my fall; however, the drivers were obviously very busy. Somehow I managed to get back into the house. Thank goodness I didn't have Honey with me. I was clearing the snow away from the front steps for the paper person who normally arrives around 4:30 am with the Chronicle Herald. I wanted to make sure there was a clear path. So, perhaps my body is simply now reacting to that fall.

I had great plans to get lots done today; well, we'll see. I am enjoying my hot water and lemon right now and will probably put on Dr. Rutledge's DVD - I can choose between a meditation session, a yoga session and/or a Qigong session. All of the sessions are manageable timewise. I might have a nap first.

I'm keeping the house at around the 68 degree mark. I have electric heaters in all of my main rooms, and I can pump the heat up if I want it. I also have 3 fav quilts/blankets and of course, who could forget the best little furnace, Honey. In fact yesterday Boobadee jumped up on my lap for a cuddle. Couldn't believe it. Honey allowed it!

Okay - sun is shining - rest up and get out and enjoy it. We need our Vit D!

Peace, Emma Lee

P.S. Apologies for grammatical errors!

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  1. Take care of yourself today.....I'm always afraid that I'll fall and injure myself.
    I did about 5 years ago...broke my ankle while washing the kitchen floor! haha (always knew housework cold be dangerous)
    Beautiful day here too in this part of Nova Scotia....I'm off for a wonderful visit soon...