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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've Been Busy

I've had an interesting few days since last entry. Creative projects and angels keep coming my way! I had a great visit with the gang at Mac, Mac & Mac and I see a lunch on the horizon next week. Shaun and Karen and I had a couple of great rehearsals and I'm getting ready to get to the Church for this morning's gathering with Next Of Kin and Jakki. I am praying that the light in our music will shine tomorrow. Doris was here Thursday and her song is finished and it's fabulous. Lloyd was in touch and peaked my interest on another little project. I've been busy.

I also reconnected with Jenn from the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. We met at a Breast Cancer Network of Nova Scotia meeting in December of 09. We were up to our ears in the adolescent breast health initiative, which it is hoped will be rolled out in 5 more school districts this educational year. Back in December, we shared a great meal together, and the time was right so I shared a song with the group. Well, that meant I got to sing again the next day, before we parted ways. Anyway, it was great to reconnect with Jenn because she administered a webcast for CBCF on Thursday night entitled Metastatic Breast Cancer Redefining Hope. Anything concerning hope has my attention. It featured Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, Staff Medical Oncologist, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto. At first glance, it appears they are doing a lot of metastatic research there. The webcast is available until April 21st, 2011. You may be able to google it and watch it yourselves.

In addition, today's Chronicle Herald has an article called Living Scan to Scan. I really like this quote: "For many, the pink-ribbon race is years long. . . . All too often, when people think about breast cancer, they think about it as a problem, it's solved, and you lead a long an normal life; it's a blip on the curve. While that's true for many people, each year approximately 40,000 people die of breast cancer - and they all die of metastatic disease. You can see why patients with metastatic disease may feel invisible within the advocacy community. . . Cancer doesn't care if you're courageous. It's an injustice to all of us who have this. There are women who are no less strong and no less determined to be here, and they'll be dead in two years".

I get this. The tempo of my cancer is fast. My breast cancer, at original diagnosis was graded as the most aggressive. My mind is in an ongoing debate! I am dissecting survivor status and my life. People tell me how great I look. I invite them to walk in my shoes for 10 minutes. It's fairly terrifying.

Okay, I've given enough to that for now. I will address it later - off to enjoy some music for a while!!

Watch out for the ice today!

Peace, Emma Lee

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