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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Weather & Projects Underway

I've been battling a below the surface headache since Sunday morning, and I'm beginning to think it might be connected to this crazy weather we're having (or the crows!). At least today the temperature is warmer than the past couple of mornings. Honey's fur is getting quite thick as she challenges herself to be a big dog and get out there for walks on these very cold and snowy days. This morning's walk was shorter - I don't like the rain, particularly when it's on the edge of ice pellets. So back home to our cozy little house and breakfast 1, 2 and 3.

I've got a couple of really nice projects on the go and they are brightening my spirit. Monday I tried to do a good cleaning of downstairs and I re-set my "hope" table. I've eliminated all but white candles and have placed 5 of my favourite angels on that table. I'm getting quite a collection of angels. I picked up a small pot of white polyanthus mix, which seems to like it there among the candles, at least for the next few days, before I move it to a brighter spot. Last fall, Shaun gave me a beautiful set of candle holders that spell out "hope" and I have that there. Janet gave me a wooden "hope" globe which sits in a wooden cradle and that is there. Finally, my Bible, my diary and a book I borrowed from Rev. Jim complete the table. It's a great place to read and write. This morning I meditated there. It did me a world of good. I was feeling tired. I needed to be reminded that life is good.

The Reason for Hope CD project is gaining momentum. Doris will be recording on Friday at Codapop in Halifax. Amos the Transparent are/is (?) in the midst of recording their contribution right now, at a studio close to you - somewhere in Toronto, and soon the mastering process will be started. Mary's magic will work to have it all completed. She has a vested interest. We've talked about genetic testing, but more talk and thought is needed. Would I have wanted to know this when I was 24? We haven't decided on a release date yet, and we have to find the right research vehicle to receive the funds generated.

Sunday's service preparations are just about complete. We'll have a rehearsal on Saturday and then worship together on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to sharing with Karen and Shaun and Jakki and Next Of Kin.

I pray you feel safe and loved today.

Peace, Emma Lee

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