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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wasn't That A Party!

Well, I'm finally home, after 6 hours. Almost didn't get to have chemo today.

My port has to go. I will be getting it removed and a new one in before my next treatment on the 18th of February. The new one will be on my mastectomy side. Whatever. I need it. My old port did me for 9 chemos and 2 CT scans.

I had my treatment by peripheral line in my left hand. Amanda had no trouble finding a good vein. Amazing. When I checked in this morning she noticed right away a problem with my port. I was sent to x-ray where it was confirmed that my body has clothed my port with a fibrous membrane.

So, I'm home, chemo has been administered and I'm exhausted. Will be sleeping and resting now while the chemo gets to work.

Tumour markers were up, not down. Lots to think about.


Emma Lee

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