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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Year Ago

I just remembered how I was feeling one year ago. I described it as "I was feeling like I was 102". Despite going to the gym and healthy eating, I was feeling bad. I saw my family doctor in December and he ordered bloodwork. He called me one Friday early in January to ask me to come in that next Monday. I was alarmed. I sat with him that Monday and he told me that my vitamin D was non-existent. I complained to him again about the pain in my side. He told me to take a vitamin D supplement, and I'm repeating myself, he told me that he saw hundreds of people each week with pain in their side. I urged him to get me in for a colonoscopy, as I had noted changes. Luckily, that put me in the radar of Dr. Cole. It was Dr. Cole, my surgeon from 2007, that did the colonoscopy and when that was clear, ordered the ultrasound which occurred in April. Results were given to me on May 17th. That family doctor soon after January handed in his notice to our community that he was moving on. I was left without a family doctor. Thank God for Dr. Cole.

Be your own advocate.

Emma Lee

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