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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Indeed It Was a Beaut of a Day!

My goodness - several walks later, I'm tired, but I have to admit it was a one of a kind winter day. The last walk was downright gorgeous. I even took my gloves off and loosened my scarf. Wow. Thank you for that. And, by the way, the air was crystal clean! On each walk I noticed it. Now that Maritime Steel is asleep, it has made quite a difference in this little town. I took the time at each walk to stop and breathe very deeply. It felt great.

I was attempting to complete the "easy" yoga portion of Dr. Rutledge's DVD this morning, and Honey decided to help me. I have not laughed like that for so long. For regular visitors to our home, they will tell you that Honey has this thing about sniffing your face and ears. I can't explain it. Anyway, as I was on the floor, she decided to wake up and come and give me a hand by tickling my face. I absolutely broke up and the more I laughed the more fun she seemed to have too. That was the beginning of a laughing festival that was absolutely delicious! That laughing kept going and many times today I have actually laughed out loud! I love it! Now I'm going to find a funny tv show - hmm - might prove difficult, but I feel the need to have a great belly laugh before I head up the stairs to sleep. Lee left me a DVD of Seinfeld and say what you want, there is a laugh or two in that! A good 8 hours tonight I hope. I'm so ready for tomorrow.

Peace tonight - may your angels watch over you and protect you! I see mine posted at the four corners of my home.

So, all in all, indeed it was a beaut of a day!

Emma Lee

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  1. I LOVE those laughs!! They're awesome and certainly are a gift to treasure. We have had a few belly busters over the years now that I think of it! :D So glad you had such a good day. Glad Jim is home. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and the little dudes doing their work.