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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I'm Repeating Myself, I'm Sorry

Back in late June, after we had returned from England/Scotland and reality was setting in, I ran into a friend at the grocery store. When I turned the corner into that aisle, I thought it looked like her impeccable hair style from the back. Funny thing was she was standing so still, gazing into the myriad of spices filed in alphabetical order, but not moving, not stirring at all. I had to pass her and actually turn around and almost, in her face, speak to her. It was as if I woke her from sleep. To me, she did not look well, and had no voice whatsoever to speak of, explaining that she had a cold. But she was dressed in her usual perfect fashion, make-up just so and hair lovely. She went on to transform into her magical self, and of course deflected all discussion around to me, our trip, my health, etc. I had several telephone conversations with her as the fall came around as we talked about the Tearmann Art Auction, and what my role could potentially be into the next year. In our last discussion, she asked me if I would chair it, indicating she hadn't talked it over with the Board, but that was her desire - she felt I deserved the honour. The Sunday of that week I was told via the grapevine that she had been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and that there was little that could be done. In fact that was the case. We had a few great chats, laughing at how things had changed. Our discussion eventually came around to music. I offered to go over and sing a few songs, and she jumped at the idea. So the next day or day after, off I went with a few songs worked up and low and behold she had asked many of her friends to be there. It was special. Fran looked lovely as always, only smaller. But, it was obvious to me that she was receiving great care. In the midst of the music, she asked me to share my story, but before I spoke she said, now my cancer is terminal, and Emma Lee's cancer is terminal, and guess what - she said to her friends. Well, you know the answer. Fran's body died a few days before Christmas. I feel blessed to have shared a working friendship with her. She was one dandy lady who gave so much to this community.

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  1. ......and those of us who called her friend, aquaintance or collegue were privileged. RIP dear Fran!
    Thank you for sharing, Emma Lee.