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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'M A "G"

I am feeling so much better. The neuropathy is so much less than it had been. Hallelujah. I am so happy.

The past few days have been very interesting from a number of standpoints, but one theme has presented itself. I have been touched/contacted by 5 different religious/spiritual people.

Friends who love me have been in touch, offering support and help. My heart is quite full right now. I have mentioned before that some of my friends have arranged for complete strangers - their friends - to join my Odyssey of hope. Those folks, who have never laid eyes on me or spoken with me, have asked for an image in which to hold me. I have mentioned before that I decided on a brilliantly shining treble clef. Last night I was describing my treble clef to a very musical friend. Oh my goodness what a discovery. The tip of my treble clef is planted in the metastasis in my body. That tip in musical practice is the note G on the treble clef line. You might not find this so amazing, but I do. I AM A "G". I feel like the fellow who did the commercial I Am Canadian. I AM A "G". I AM A "G".

So, if you feel the need or find the time or give the gift of time to yourself to pray for a moment, (selfishly I ask) would you think of me, a brilliantly shining treble clef, a G, free of cancer and happy? Can you do that for me?

Peace today,

Emma Lee

1 comment:

  1. Consider it done! I love the image of a brilliantly shining treble clef and can easily envision that as I hold you in my prayers.
    PS...I tried to add a picture of a shining treble clef here but couldn't....but I have it in my mind now.
    Peace Miss "G"!