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Monday, June 6, 2011

Answered Prayers

We crested the hill leading to the barn about mid-morning. There were several dogs sauntering around and I spied for one the color of honey. There was a Corgi there that confused me for a second but then I spied her. Liz called her name. She looked up the hill. I waved and cried out. She started up the incline, crouching as she always did when she was getting excited to meet someone she knew or challenge a dog she didn't know - that attitude - but then an air of recognition and full steam ahead. As we knelt together, there were whispers of whimpers, from both of us, and then off to see and cuddle Jim and then off to show off.

I sat and watched as that little dog became a part of the pack, roaming around with out a leash, being a bit bad to Oliver, but I think she was indeed showing off. She jumped up in my lap a few times and I got to stroke her and smell her, which I loved.

I feel so great and blessed that this has worked out for her and for me. I simply am not able to care for her as is needed. What a great treat for me to see it all unfolding in real life.

Thank you Liz and Rob. I safe this for pretty special things - but I think you deserve the Order of Canada! Gems.

Another prayer was answered yesterday when Aunt Lil and Susan dropped in. Jim's Ross Clan delivered the most incredible messages of hope and love. "If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's this: whatever comes, you won't be alone. You'll have thoughts and prayers surrounding and protecting you every step of the way. So just picture yourself right there in the middle of a big circle of caring . . . because that's where you are and there's no safer place to be. With an Everest of love from your Ross Clan". I know there are family involved that perhaps Jim doesn't even know - and I certainly don't know. My hope meter was charged - our hope meter was charged.

Off to the City, with my hope and my angels and another prayer for feeling better!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee


  1. ........and as you go to the city, I storming heaven with prayers for you and asking for a band of angels to encircle you and keep you filled with love and peace and joy in knowing that you are never alone.

  2. I submitted your name to http://www.ibelieveshesamazing.com/ but since I didn't have your email address they can't contact you to tell you but I did want you to know that you are thought of and prayed for by many and that I believe you are amazing!

  3. Stampernancy@hotmail - my email address is emmalee@eastlink.ca!