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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leah Hagerman

Well, yesterday afternoon a young musician friend of mine made a big sacrifice on my behalf - she donated her incredibly beautiful long hair to Beautiful Lengths, an organization which creates wigs for children. We travelled together with her mom Karen over to Jane's Salon 254 and her sister Holly Lynn met us there. We had fun and laughs and took lots of pictures, which I will post at some point. Now this is a powerful family. I am predicting that their energy is going to make some real differences in this world. Leah is a fabulous musician (saxophone and piano and voice), but music will not be her mainstay, rather her stress relief I think. I believe her sights are set on the health care system, which is thrilling me. She is the NOW, and she is making a decision that I would make if it were 40 years ago and I knew what I know today. Her summer job is at the Aberdeen Hospital. Mentor her well Aberdeen Hospital. Mentor her well. She is our NOW.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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  1. THRILLED and feeling humbled by the gift of this young woman. I know her talent from the music festival but this side of her gives me a new appreciation of who she is and will become. Well done!