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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Morning New Glasgow

Well, I'm thinking of the teams over at the Parkdale complex, having been up and about all night in this kind of dreary weather. It's cool and damp and they are indeed true heroes. I hope everyone faired well last night. They raised a lot of money. It would be great to hear the final tally. All funds will go to the Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Cancer Society and be used here in NS for a variety of needs. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I was very proud to be a part of that opening last night. I hope I left some hope and inspiration on that field.

We have been busy. All of the plans that I set for these past days were met, the most important one being that my children and their significant others were present, and I mean present, with me and Dr. Rutledge for my initial consult before beginning full brain radiation. I am thrilled that was able to happen. I know the kids felt better and lighter when they left the hospital to journey to their homes. Now when they think of me they know where I am, safe in the arms of medical help.

And we had a fabulous and fun meal together at the MidTown and I was able to meet all of Jim's friends - the gang that support him. More on support for the other spouse later. Jim works in Halifax. He shares a kitchen with virtual strangers. So he eats at the MidTown and has developed a fraternity (I will call it) with folks there, including staff and customers. I hear all the stories and it is a part of his Halifax life and routine. They go to sporting events and watch the playoffs and tell tall tales, and laugh, and support each other. What would he do without that? He doesn't have that network in New Glasgow. When he is home, it is all about us - well me - well it used to be all about Honey - but now it is all about me and us and trying to make our home the most comfortable we can as we deal with this reality.

So, at the MidTown there was a great picture taken and I will find it and get it posted. Of course my camera quit as I was showing Dave's mother Joan pictures of our trip to Scotland last year. Dave MacMichael is my daughter Mary's significant other. His parents Reg and Joan joined us for dinner. With Lee was Tessa Morse, Lee's significant other. Lee and Tessa are vegetarians and work out like mad, but I understand the nachos - the large size - at the MidTown filled the bill for them. Everyone else had fish and chips, which I also enjoyed and it was too much to finish.

We met for "breakfast" at Cora's the next day and Dave delivered homemade shortbread that Joan had made for me - and it is the most delicious shortbread ever! The real deal.

Also, Mary and I met with Tammy of Codapop, for a marketing and production meeting on The Reason For Hope CD compilation project. Oh my. Very exciting. And we just landed our last two contributors. My goal is to sell 100 units here in the County - and I will be calling on people to support this project. Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 to go to metastatic breast cancer research. My friends at the Canadian Breast Cancer Network will receive the funds and get them into the right hands. There will be a release at the Carleton in Halifax, at Glasgow Square and in Toronto. Lots of work to be done. This will be a big focus for me. We're on it - you're going to love the compilation - 15 artists - big variety - and great songs at a reasonable price with funds going to help the 25% of women who go one to develop this hideous disease.

Ok - and the concert is coming up on the 12th. Okay that's enough for now.

Rest is calling. I have my medication calendar that Dr. Rutledge made for me - steroids to get me through radiation as some of the tumours may continue to swell for a bit, and then get me weaned off. I start that cycle today. Good. The pills make me shake inside. Might not see it outside, but I can sure feel it inside.

Sing With Me:

When you move in right up close to me
That's when I get the shakes all over me

Quivers down my backbone
I got the shakes in the knee bones
Shivers down my thigh bones
Like I'm
Shakin' all over

That's what happens when you say goodnight to me
Bring this feeling all inside of me
Quivers down my backbone
I got the shakes in the knee bones
Shivers in the thigh bones
Like I'm
Shakin' all over

Peace to you all today - please look for inspiration and when, not if you find it, share it with those you love!

Emma Lee

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  1. Thank you for this today, Emma. I needed to find inspiration this morning... I did. Right here. Now, I'll get showered and dressed and go out to share it with someone. Bob's in bush camp until Monday. My weekend was headed for either homesickness or a tiny bit of envy for those who are 'oot 'n aboot' together. You brought me to reality. And... I could see your smile through the steroid shakes and another adventure into your journey. Thank you, indeed. Peace to YOU. Debbie Younker - Whse.