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Friday, June 10, 2011


Yup, title says it all. Xeloda will be my next chemo drug, to start mid-July. It's a tablet form and Dr. AJ tells me the gals at Aberdeen Chemo have lots of experience with it. He will give me an initial 6 cycles. Works this way: every 21 days will be divided into 14 and 7 - during the 14 days I will take Xeloda morning and night, on the seventh days my body will rest. Then begin the cycle again. You can google it. Based on everything, this is the best possible drug for me. I qualify for the manufacturer's contribution to the co-pay portion of this drug. Dr. AJ will do all of the paperwork for me. So let it be written, so let it be done.

My meeting with him yesterday was awesome. In Halifax, Dr. AJ is a different man. I had a wonderful triage with his nurse and then I sat with him for the better part of an hour. We talked about everything and he answered all of my questions. It was an enjoyable meeting, not at all like the one I thought I might have. It was cool. I will see him again on the 4th of July.

So, the window for our travel plans is becoming clearer. I don't want to be too far from home once Xeloda starts. I want to be close to medical attention should side effects occur.

Jim was on the path yesterday - McCartney appears to be doing some kind of North American tour. I'm not in a position to make any commitments yet so I had to get Jim to back off. I wish I could loosen the strains of this medical problem on him. I just wish he could be joyful and happy and unfettered with care. I just wish he didn't have to worry about me so much. He's on his way to a Town Crier competition in Yarmouth. I'm going to tell him to forget about me, about cancer, and just be joyful to be with his fraternity of Criers, and cry with joy because that's the best kind of crying. I'm keeping him very close in my thoughts and prayers.

So, it's Friday. Treatment at 12:45. Home at ? Angela Kennedy is leaving the folds of Mac, Mac & Mac today. I'm going to wish her well. She's one dandy girl. Tomorrow Holy Potion is rehearsing and I'm going to the church. Then the sun is supposed to be out. The hammock that Lloyd and Gwen loaned me is calling from the backyard and I will continue to read Pillars of the Earth that Megan loaned to me. Lynn and Linda are picking up a lobster supper for me and dropping it off. Does it get any better than that? Sunday will be a big day. Emma's Excursion at Trinity. My newest family member, my newest great niece might be there! Can't wait. I anticipate musical memories (including baby coos) that will warm my soul in the days ahead.

Peace today,

Emma Lee

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