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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Road Ahead

Well, it is very early morning, but I thought I would post something now, since I'm up! The past few days have been a whirlwind. Maritime Conference was such a wonderful experience, I am just so happy that I was able to take part. And then home again, and all of the little details to get worked out and ready for the next part of this journey. I've had so many lovely visits and calls and emails and trips to the dentist and vet and backyard hammock and laundry and wonderful meals and time with Jim and Mary and Dave and Lloyd and Gwen and Megan and her mom and Lynda, and the new Puff and Boobadee and time alone. Whew! Oh, and my fair share of meltdowns, which I just let happen cause there's no stopping them, but I think I'm getting that out of my system for now. You know, when you keep yourself in a vacuum, it is easy to stay strong. But when you surround yourself with your loved ones and dream of the futures yet to come, it is obligatory that the tears flow as you pray for love and happiness in their futures.

The gang is meeting up tomorrow night for dinner at the MidTown. Jim's fave restaurant in Halifax. I will get a picture and post it. We will be meeting Dr. Rutledge before my first treatment and moving on from there. I am hoping I will begin to feel results immediately following the first treatment. Cross your fingers for me. Then they can start to wean me off these incredible steroids, which I really believe are a major contributing factor to my new sleepless state! Only sleep when totally exhausted and then awaken by crazy, horrible dreams. These days are numbered.

I went for a couple of small neighbourhood rambles yesterday, wondering where I am going to find my inspiration now that Honey is in the Pictou County boondocks - and by the way - she is flourishing and behaving like a real dog - part of a pack, respectful and happy. She is running and off leash and it is an absolute miracle. I am so happy for her. Puff is kind of taking her place in the inspiration department, and is starting to stick to me like glue too. Who knew? Puff is a beautiful boy - Mr. Puff, Puff Diddy, Pufferdoodle - you get the drift!

Alright. I'll be in touch. Take care of yourselves. Write your own soul story - cause your stories are awesome and important.

From Now On will be up on the Maritime Conference site very soon! We recorded it last night - just a simple easy recording - but Jim and Mary and Dave are all on it!! Yay. If Lee and Tessa would have been here, they would have been too! (And Gwen and Vicki and Lloyd and Kirby.) I am so happy about that, laughing on the inside. Good for you guys.

Peace to you all! Maybe see you at the Relay on Friday night.

Emma Lee

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