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Saturday, June 18, 2011

When Love Becomes Palpable

I mentioned in a post while at the Lodge that I had been seeing some incredible examples of love; and at the time, I wasn't sure how to put these into words. I'll start with what I saw.

There was an elderly couple in the waiting room probably every day that I was there -funny that our appointment times were around the same. The gentleman was undergoing treatment, but his gal was with him for every one. I'm guessing they were in their early to mid-80s. He was very tall and on the thin side I thought, but she fit like a glove next to him. They were modestly dressed. He wore a black fedora - not a real one, but a very cool black felt fedora: on the brim on right hand side, a bright pink feather. I was drawn to that feather. I let my imagination tell me that it was placed there by a loving grandchild.

One day the machine that he was supposed to have his treatment on was "down", which meant waiting. That day was also the day for the weekly doctor check-in. The gentlemen undergoing this particular treatment (probably prostate radiation) all had to drink a certain drink a certain time before their treatment. Because the machine was down, plans were spoiled pretty well all the way around for several guys. So, I overhead the technician saying that Mr. Pink Feather would see the doctor prior to the treatment, in order to keep things moving along.

They were called in. A while later they returned and I was floored. They entered the waiting room, walking around the corner, arms linked together, faces turned to each other, sharing quiet laughter. If I could freeze that moment in time for you: their faces were completely filled with love and light - they were illuminated. You could visibly feel the years of faith and hope and love fill that waiting room. They took their seats, continued to hold hands, and waited for the drinking orders and then the treatment, by which time I was gone. I found myself in awe of Mr. Pink Feather and his Gal.

I ran into them again a few days later. He had changed the feather to a red one, so the name changed as well. I can just see that grand daughter changing the feather.

The same day that Mr. Pink Feather allowed me to fill my heart, another family arrived. The father was in a wheelchair and was quite ill and quite despondent. With him was his wife and their daughter and her husband: a well-established family, he being in his 70s I would think and the daughter and her husband being well established as well. The man was despondent. The man was ill. I understood. They settled quite close to me as there were no other spots in the waiting room and so I had a front row seat into the exchanges between the man and his wife. The care and concern and love again was palpable. My heart was becoming quite full. I had to take care as I laid on the radiation table and allowed those beams to enter and give me some quality of life because tears were welling.

When love becomes palpable. Oh that it could be that way every day when we share ourselves with the world.

Today there is a mix of blue, clouds and probably rain. Yesterday I planted a salsa garden - love homemade salsa - peppers, tomatoes, etc. Then sat in the back 40 and watched the world go by. It was absolutely heavenly.

Have a fabulous day. Enjoy some love and peace!


Emma Lee

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