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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Saving of Honey

Last night I witnessed what I like to call "The Saving of Honey". She's becoming a real dog. Jim and I were invited to Liz's for the most incredible meal and fellowship and laughs with GREAT friends. And it was Honey's first dinner party. Well, she is really settling in. What a lucky little beast she is. As we walked down to the barn to feed the gang before bed, she trekked right along with us, leading the way, and keeping Willis in line. She appears to be very respectful of all of the boundaries that have been drawn for her and I am simply amazed at the change. She's lost weight and even her fur is softer. She knew me though. I know she did, cause she had a little piddle when she first greeted me! So, well done Liz and Rob. She is calmly and quietly becoming a great farm dog. I'm so happy for her.

David and Joan gave us Frommer's Maui 2011 and the recommendation for Mama's Fish House. Stay tuned. We will be giving our review! Can't wait. "If you love fish, this is the place to be". And if you know me, I love fish!!

I found it hard to get out of my bed this morning, cause my bed is simply so comfie. But it's Father's Day and there are cards to deliver to Jim.

Now, I need some God-Talk!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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