Raising Hope for Emma Lee Stewart

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Friday, June 17, 2011


I'd like you to imagine you are holding the biggest envelope you've ever held - maybe 3' x 5'! It will take the work of three of you to actually be able to open this envelope. It is yellow and is addressed to The Good People Who Supported Emma's Excursion Of Hope! Okay - so, between the three of you, open the seal, and pull the card out of the envelope - give it a good yank - the card too is yellow and has the words Thank You emblazoned on the front. Now, get ready, and open the card: can you see it? Light, love, hope, joy, fireworks, sparklers, fireflies come flying out - for you - to fill your heart with my thanks for the most incredible concert, fundraiser and dessert party ever. $6,063.75 was delivered to me. Can you believe it? Indeed a wonderful vacation awaits me, thanks to you my friends! I wish you all the peace of Christ. Emma Lee Stewart and Family

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