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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Another Rainy Tuesday

Sorry for the typos/grammar problems.

Well, here I am at the Lodge in Halifax. I have an appointment in Nuclear Medicine at 7:30 a.m. so thought I would pop a quick update.

Jim is staying at a wonderful place that friends have loaned to us for free. Otherwise he would be here for $55 per night, but it just seems to make sense to do what we are doing. Anyway, that means that I get to meet new people. A wonderful gal shared my room with me last night - she's on the exact same journey - and I mean the exact same journey - we both have mets - liver, bones and brain. Both initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She's going to be starting full brain radiation. We have a lot in common - a lot. Prognosis-wise I mean. Also, she just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and is filling me in on everything she and her significant other did! Can you believe it?

Okay - what's up with Vancouver? Enough said.

So, bone scan this morning - a dye is injected which is allowed 2 hours to travel throughout the body. Then I will go into the nuclear imaging machine. Should be an interesting story. This afternoon treatment at 2:30 and then a meeting with Dr. Rutledge following treatment. My body will be full of "stuff" today.

I'm not feeling a great deal of difference yet; I can't sleep so I think that must have something to do with the fact that I no longer feel like the old Emma. But as good old Arnold (yikes) would say - "I'll be Back!". And I will be back. My tolerance for stairs and inclines is gone. Pray it will return.

Last night for supper we used a gift certificate that Jim's students gave him for The Keg. I had the most amazing surf and turf and creme brulee for dessert. (Last Sunday, Aunt Lil told me to have cheesecake everyday, but I just couldn't refuse the brulee. Sorry Lil.)

Alright, I left the windows opened last night so I could hear Halifax around me. It wasn't too bad. The birds still wake-up at the same time; but there are a lot more weird noises. I don't mind. There was a lovely cool breeze coming through - I have two little windows: one at my head and one at my feet. I needed the cool breezes as the hot flushes are rampant. Not complaining. Might mean something is working. I wonder who my room mate will be tonight as my current gal is leaving after her appointment today. I will keep in touch wit her. She's from the southshore.

Peace to you all. I pray you will find something to have a great chuckle about today, and share a soul story with a friend, old or new, just to remind yourselves that you're living like you are ready to fly.

Emma Lee

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