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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Reason for Hope CD Project Update

Wow - the team is working hard you guys. This CD comp is going to be extraordinary.

Our last two invitees are on board and I hope I'm not premature in announcing that Matt Minglewood has offered a song, as has Lennie Gallant. Matt's contribution is Brushed By An Angel, and Lennie's is Extraordinary Ordinary Life. You're going to love the CD. All in aid of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research - for the future!!

We are getting very close to manufacturing. We are hoping for an initial release on July 25th in Halifax. I am hoping that H&R Music here in New Glasgow will be my outlet. $20.00 will be the retail price.

I would be remiss if I didn't introduce you to Codapop Recording Studios - it was built on a foundation of an undeniable passion for music, framed in a desire to collaborate with emerging artists. And can I just endorse that philosophy? The project simply would not have been possible without Tammy Milbury and Doug Taylor. It simply would not have occurred. These are the kinds of friends that my Mary has gained along her way.

My goal is $10,000.00 to go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research. With your help, we will reach that goal. My goal for Pictou County is 100 units. Can you help me reach that goal? I'm thinking Dragon Boat weekend will be our release here in the County. I'm scheduled to sing at the opening, and will be doing Send Someone For Me, the song that is on the comp, and Lennie is the headliner of the 10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival so it really makes sense.

Releases - Halifax - The Carleton on the 25th of July with a spectacular song writer's circle and silent auction (with some Turbine products!) - more to follow, then Dragon Boat - August 5th, and then the Horseshoe Tavern in August for the Toronto acts - later in August. Mary and Dave are there, and Mary has arranged it all, and Lee and Tessa are going up for that and with luck Jim and I will be there too! The Horseshoe Tavern - what a riot!

I hope my Mary doesn't mind me posting this. This project was her genesis and it has become so much more than we originally thought. She has done all of the work on this project - gathering musicians, and friends and songs, and the art work. I'm so proud of her.

Anyway, just inspired to post this so that you guys are aware of what we're doing and of what my plans are.

And of course, I'm getting ready for Saturday's departure to sunnier climes - i.e. Maui. And by getting ready I mean I am resting. A deep tiredness has descended in and around me and I am giving in. I am resting this week big time cause my feet are headed to Maui and my thoughts are thinking of the sunsets Jim and I will enjoy there over 10 days. Wow. How blessed we are that this is happening.

Peace to you all today. I pray that you have projects in your life that keep you excited. Go make a difference - don't think for one minute that you can't - cause you can!

Emma Lee

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